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Paddlers Anonymous is a community dragon boat club from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Beginner and experienced paddlers are welcome. Teams: daBoat, Waterhawks, daWave, daPirates, Club Crew, paddleBots. Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival (TIDBRF) on Centre Island.
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About Us

Paddlers Anonymous Paddlers Anonymous (PA) was founded in 2000 by three students from the University of Waterloo. It was originally created as a way for new friends to have fun and experience the sport of dragon boat racing over the course of one summer. Since then, PA has grown into a multi-team organisation involving dynamic individuals from various Canadian universities and the Greater Toronto Area workforce.

The main activities of PA involve introducing people to the sport of dragon boat racing and fundraising for local charities, such as, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto and the S.H. Armstrong Community Recreation Centre. Each year, individual teams of PA recruit new paddlers, participate in regattas (races), and are invited to organise/attend annual club events, like the Winter Retreat and Semi-Formal.

Over the years, Paddlers Anonymous has expanded to five unique teams that catered to the different needs and diverse abilities of its paddlers. daBoat, entering its 10th season, is a veteran team of dedicated paddlers that appreciate a bit of fun and competition. In 2001, the Pirates was a team originally made up of students exclusively from UW, and has since rebranded in 2007 as "daPirates" to introduce the sport of dragon boat to a growing number of beginner in Toronto. The Waterhawks was originally a Waterloo-based student team in 2004, but over the years, has become one of our Toronto-based intermediate teams for young professionals. daWave (since 2005) is a recreational team started for enthusiastic individuals who have a common interest in getting WET. Our "Club Crew" team was setup in 2006 as an outlet for dedicated and experienced paddlers. In 2010, we started an alumni team called the paddleBots. Since 2000, PA has participated at numerous regattas including: Toronto Centre Island (TIDBRF), GWN, Waterloo, Pickering, Guelph, Stratford, Summer Sensation, Milton, Cambridge, Stouffville, London, Montreal, ECCC in Berlin (Germany), Hamilton, New York, Orlando, and Welland.

Ever since our first practice, we've had a blast, made a splash and found many friends. We typically start recruiting for the new season around January/February. If you're interested in joining one of our teams or would like more information about our dragon boat club, please feel send an email to:
info (-AT-) paddlersanon.com

Contact information is also available if you would like to speak to one of our executives directly.


  • Current v3 website designed by Christine Medina (2008)
  • daWave logo designed by Alexandra Lee (2005)
  • Waterhawks logo designed by Christie Xavier (2004)
  • Original Pirates logo designed by Michelle Medina (2001)
  • Original and v2 website designed by Philip Lam (2000, 2002)
  • PA and daBoat logos designed by Gerard Baron (2000)


Co-Founder, Web Guy
Philip Lam (phil)

General Manager
Deborah Kuo (deborah)

West Coast VP
Carol Chan (carol)

Manager - daBoat, Cox
Richard Eng (rich)

Coach - daBoat
Sam Huynh (sam)

Captain - daBoat
Ivan Sacramento (ivan)

Manager - daCatch
Karen Woo (karenw)

Coach - daCatch
Will Pun (will)

Captain - daCatch
Han Ho (han)

Manager - daWave
Katherine Chin (kat)

Coach - daWave
Allen Fung (allen)

Asst. Coach - daWave, Cox
Keith Foster (keith)

Captain - daWave
Adrian Ma (adrian)

To send an email:

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Show Past Execs
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Gerard Baron (gerard)

Senior Consultant
Pat Karremans (patrick)

Senior Consultant
Michelle Seto (michelle)

Senior Consultant
Eric Chan (eric)

Captain 2010
Sandra Agostino (sandra)

Jimmy Chan (dajimster)

Coach 2004-2007
Robert Chan (rob)

Coach 2010
Diana Chao (diana)

Coach 2003
Joseph Cheng (joe)

Captain 2007-2011
Duc Giang (duc)

Coach 2004-2010
Mike Huang (mike)

Manager 2004-2009
Tim Hong (tim)

Captain 2014
Wasan Jajou (wasan)

Coach 2002
Clement Lee (clem)

Captain 2007
Danny Lee (dannyl)

Manager 2007-2009
Steve Ma (steve)

Coach 2009
Eddie Mark (eddie)

Manager 2008
Katy Poon (katy)

Manager 2010
Juan Quinonez (juan)

Manager 2007
Francis Roque (francis)

Manager 2007-2008
Karen Sung (karen)

Coach 2001-2008
Frankie Tsang (frankie)

Coach 2008-2011
Jeremy Tse (jeremy)

Captain 2007-2008
David Wong (david)

Captain 2010
Kinman Wong (kinman)

Coach 2004-2008
Genaro Yupangco (genaro)

General Manager 2010
Yan Xu (yan)

To send an email: